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                                             Exchange         # 418CD64C7F***************      for       12 BTC (198518663.84736001 KRW)                                              Exchange         # 4FED9FFB65***************      for       0.8 BTC (12162.53224320 USD)                                              Exchange         # F73176BFB3***************      for       0.95 BTC (14443.00703880 USD)                                              Exchange         # 2A4FB5BD2E***************      for       0.26 BTC (3952.82297904 USD)                                              Exchange         # F1165C8532***************      for       0.277 BTC (4211.27678921 USD)                                              Exchange         # AA1B65DC9E***************      for       0.4 BTC (6081.26612160 USD)                                              Exchange         # DECD7A1703***************      for       0.2 BTC (3308644.39745600 KRW)                                              Exchange         # 6877F6BEFA***************      for       3 BTC (45609.49591200 USD)                                              Exchange         # 13B8D5FED9***************      for       2 BTC (30406.33060800 USD)                                              Exchange         # 8B1200B406***************      for       0.5 BTC (7601.58265200 USD)